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Jan 11,2023

The wonderful moment of FCourier in China International Aviation & Aerospace Exhibition

The 14th China International aviation & Aerospace Exhibition has come to an end, and the exhibition is full of exciting performances and advanced equipment for people to reminisce. FCourier and VERTAXI has brought a series of exhibits such as the vertical takeoff and land fixed wing UAV E5,E6,the first eVTOL simulation cockpit in China, the one-half scale model of the M1 aircraft, which made its public debut, attracted the attention of many professionals and on-site visitors
    The E6 is a representative product that can show the technical advantages of the FCourier Aviation team in a comprehensive and focused manner, and has already completed a high level of commercialization on the ground. Its outstanding performance of fast deployment, long endurance, long range, strong wind resistance, stable video transmission, flexible mounting and industry-leading safety has brought it a wide reputation.