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Emergency Fire Fighting

Fire Alert

Conducts inspections of high-risk fire areas to detect potential fire hazards in a timely manner. In the event of a disaster, you can immediately locate the source of the fire and assist firefighters in extinguishing it. After extinguishing the fire, the area can be inspected again to check whether there are residual open flames to avoid secondary disasters.

Material dropping

In the event of a sudden emergency found trapped people, and ground rescue personnel difficult to reach the trapped point, can be dropped through the drone food, water, life preservers, cold, communication equipment and other supplies, critical moments can save lives.

Aerial shouting

With the advantageous features of high altitude roaming flexibility, fast movement and wide coverage of drones, air patrol and high-altitude shouting can be carried out. When there is traffic congestion, traffic police can not direct the scene, drones equipped with air shouters and real-time map transmission can achieve long-distance traffic command; when a fire or other natural disasters, can use high-altitude shouting to evacuate the surrounding masses.

Aerial search

The visible light camera on E6 can shoot and record the panoramic view of the scene, and the infrared camera can help collect the thermal radiation data of the scene to find out the objects not easily found by naked eyes, and synchronously support the display of the corresponding geographical location, and then transmit the pictures and data to the command center in real time. Command Center, to provide important information for the all-weather search and research and judgment.