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Public Safety

Fight smuggling at sea

The use of drones to patrol at high altitude, timely detection of suspicious vessels, locking and tracking, and real-time back to the ground command center, the command center to provide the basis for scientific and efficient decision-making, to help the public security anti-smuggling team to effectively combat illegal smuggling behavior

Town patrol

The UAV is equipped with visible light and infrared dual light pods, which can patrol the town at all hours of the day and night. Find and track suspicious persons and vehicles, monitor illegal construction, timely find and report landslide and other natural disasters, and ensure the safety of residents.

River patrol

Inspection of illegal fishing in the river area; flood river patrol to eliminate safety hazards; river surface vessel identification tracking; inspection of illegal sand mining; water pollution inspection, timely detection and reporting of illegal acts such as discharge of wastewater, etc.

Sea patrol

Inspection of marine engineering, sea projects intensive areas or boats can not reach the uninhabited islands and other areas, rectification of illegal ships at sea, find and stop illegal fishing, find sea pollution, to ensure timely detection of illegal acts, to protect the sea and people's safety.