1.5 hour

Flight time



3 kg

Load capacity(sea level)

130 km/h

Max cruise speed

5000 m



E6A electric vertical takeoff and landing fixed-wing unmanned aerial vehicle (eVTOL UAV) uses the original patent technology that retractable rotors implement vertical takeoff and landing. E6A has large load, long-endurance, a vertical takeoff and landing capability at an altitude of 5000 meters plateau. It can carry flexible payload such as portable visible light camera, oblique photography camera, multi-spectral camera, Dual Thermal & RGB sensor pod, laser radar, etc. The vertical load capacity is up to 3 kilograms and the maximum long-endurance can be over 1.5 hours.

Fearless of complex environment.

Anti light rain,operate normally in temperature of -20℃-55℃

Payload configuration

Can carry dual-light pods to meet the needs of a variety of scenarios

Photoelectric pod

3 axis stabilization, 30x visible zoom/IR, tracking flight, target recognition

Reliable VTX

30km,VTX, to meet the needs of long-distance operations, built-in 4G/5G transmission module, support real-time video sharing

Planning the route, one click to takeoff

One-click takeoff by planning route to execute the mission without manual intervention. Support real-time mission change and manual takeover in case of emergency

Multiple redundancy, safe and reliable

Dual power system

When the fixed-wing mode is out of control, the aircraft can enter the multi-rotor mode; if the multi-rotor mode is out of control, the aircraft can enter the gliding mode.

Auto return

Support return automatically when low battery, abnormal aircraft attitude or trajectory deviation cannot be recovered.

Emergency Landing

The aircraft can be set up with more than 1,000 emergency landing points, and the aircraft can land vertically with multi-rotor or glide to the emergency landing point or designated landing point with fixed wing when abnormal.

System self-test

The aircraft will not be able to take off if there is any abnormality in the self-test before takeoff or if the air frame components are monitored to reach their design life.


Quick disassembly and easy to operate

Quick disassembly structure design, 2 operators can complete the unpacking to take-off in 2 minutes.


Project Paramete
Wingspan 3.8m
length 2.3m
Maximum take off weight 24kg
Effective payload  3kg(sea level)
Flight time/range
(no wind,altitude 300m)
>1.5h(1kg load with 2pcs batteries)/>150km
Box size 2m*0.6m*0.6m
Economy cruise speed 75-94km/h
Max cruise speed 130km/h
Max practical ceiling 5000m
takeoff and landing wind resistance 13m/s
(Take off and land) 15m/s (cruise)25m/s <2min,2 personnel operate
Accuracy of land and take off 0.5m
Anti-rain capacity Light rain
Operate temperature -20~55℃