Bigger size, better performance

This aircraft adopts a unique overall configuration design, consisting of wings and four power modules, each power module consists of four drogue rotors and one forward pull rotor, the power modules of the same aircraft can be interchanged, and the power modules between different aircraft can also be interchanged, so as to improve the attendance rate; fuselageless, can adapt to different sizes of mountings, and for logistics transportation needs, also designed with a throwing function; altitude At 5000 meters above sea level, it can carry 20 kg load for 100 km, and the maximum load capacity in plain area is 50 kg; each aircraft has 16 dropping rotors and 4 forward pulling rotors, with good safety redundancy and wind resistance.

120 km

Flight time

50 kg


<0.5 m

Load capacity(sea level)

80 km/h

Max cruise speed

7000 m

Practical ceiling

5000 m

Maximum takeoff altitude

Adapt complex environment

Anti-light rain; can work under -20℃~55℃ temperature; anti- seven grade wind for take-off and landing, ten grade for cruising; can carry 25kg normal take-off and landing at 5000m above sea level.

16 rotors

Any 3 rotor blades fail, the aircraft can still land safely. The rotors remain locked in parallel to the fuselage during cruise to reduce flight drag.

Planning the route, one click to takeoff

One-click takeoff by planning route to execute the mission without manual intervention. Support real-time mission change and manual takeover in case of emergency

Big body, also flexible

5000m altitude turning radius is less than 200m, and it can unload automatically at the designated place to meet the demand for material delivery in different environments

Multiple redundancy, safe and reliable

4 power systems

Independent power supply to ensure the safety of power supply

4 independent motors

One motor burned out can still continue to fly

6 independent rudder surfaces

Redundant control of roll and pitch possible

3 remaining degrees of key sensors

Gyroscope, accelerometer, barometer, etc. all use three residuals

Modular design

The modular design of the power system allows interchangeability between different aircraft.


Project Project
Wingspan 6m
Length 3.3m
Practical take off weight 110kg(sea level),>80kg(altitude5000m)
Max load capacity 50kg(sea level),>25kg(altitude 5000m)
Flight time/range
(no wind,altitude 300m)
Payload 20kg 120km
load 40kg 80km
Box size Wingspan 2.5m×0.6m×0.3m;power module2.8m×0.3m×0.3m
Economy speed 80kg,cruise speed106km/h(altitude5000m),77km/h(sea level)
Practical vertical take off altitude >5000m
Practical ceiling >7000m
Practical ceiling Altitude 5000m turning radius 200m
Data link range 30~100km
Anti wind capacity (Take off and land) 15m/s (cruise)25m/s
Deploy time <5min,(2 person operate)<10分钟,(1 person operate)
Accuracy of land and take off 0.5m
Anti rain capacity Light rain
Working temperature -20~55℃
Payload point 1 primary mount point in the middle of the aircraft and 4 secondary mount points under the power module

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